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2011-01-06: We have just started scanning documents in the Supplement to the Bohr Scientific Correspondence. For the benefit of researchers pdf documents are made available in Archon as soon as they have been scanned. As usual, a scanned document is indicated by a green arrow to the right of the item specification, which can be clicked on for the document to be seen (if prior permission has been obtained from the NBA). The scans are entered largely, but not entirely, in alphabetical order. A final proof-reading of the metadata will take place only after all the documents have been scanned and entered into Archon.


2011-01-30: Most of the letters in the "Correspondence" series in the Bohr Private Correspondence have been scanned and made available to researchers having a user ID and password. For technical reasons, the documents are not yet accessible by means of the common green arrow to the right of the item specification. Instead, there is a "Link" beside the "Document" field for each item. This is also the case for the "Occasions/Topics" series, but this is just a preparatory measure, and these links does not yet work. Since not all documents even in the "Correspondence" series have been scanned, and since the naming of the documents are yet to be checked, please contact the NBA if you encounter an error message when trying to link to a scanned document in this series. We may then correct the link, for the benefit of each of us.


2011-04-14: All previous black-and-white pdf files have been exchanged with color files. In addition to being in color, the new files will have exactly the same size as the original documents when printed out in 100 per cent size (in contrast to earlier, when they were tiny). The new files occupy about ten times more space on our server than the earlier ones, which makes it take noticeably longer to upload them. The possibility exists that, in time, we may exchange the color files for black-and-white files. We would appreciate any comments about pros and cons with regard to using the new files.

2012-02-05: A project has been begun to exchange the color pdf files with new black-and-white pdf files, manually edited for contrast. In the next several month, some of the files will be in black-and-white and some in color. The new black-and-white files are an order of magnitude smaller and can hence be accessed much faster, especially from slow connections. Because of the stronger contrast, they will also be more easily readable in many cases.


2011-06-19: A "watermark" with the text "Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen" has been placed on all scanned documents (at bottom, centered), for easier identification by users.