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This is the danish Advisory Committee for CERN Users page.

What is ACCU?

ACCU is the organizational entity at CERN presenting subjects/releations concerning CERN users towards the CERN management. The mandate of ACCU covers all aspects where users interact with CERN or local authorities. A non-exhaustive list is: User office, Registration, Housing (hostel), Restaurants, Cars, transportation, Computing and Local area relations.

Country representatives in ACCU are renewed yearly and currently Jørgen Beck Hansen is the danish member. If you have any relevant items/problems that you, as user, would like to bring to the attention of CERN (management), please contact the Danish ACCU member.

ACCU meetings

There are typically 4 yearly meetings in ACCU -- one each quarter. For the year 2008 the meeting dates are: 5th March, 11th June, 10th September and 3rd December. The meetings usually take place Wednesdays in building 60 (6-002), and last from 9:15 to about 12:30. The scheduled meetings, agendas and minutes are available from the CERN Indico system. Standard items on the agenda are news from the CERN management and the Users office. Each meeting has dedicated presentations on subjects where important information relevant for users or problems etc. have been identified. A brief list of topics covered in past ACCU meetings can be found here.


Newcomers to CERN are strongly advised to check the information on the Users office (UO) webpages. Be aware of the registration formalities required for people joining CERN as user.

The danish users of CERN (funded by the danish natural science foundation -- FNU) have several cars at their disposal, when visiting CERN to participate in experiment activities. A Danish CERN Car (DCC) web-page booking system has been created and can be reached here. If you are joining the danish CERN users and need access to a car, please contact the DCC administrator, currently Jørgen Beck Hansen, providing the following information

  • Full name
  • Title/affiliation (Staff, Post Doc., Ph.D. student, Master student, external collaborator)
  • E-mail
  • Office and telephone while at CERN

Users (or their team leader) leaving the group(s) are strongly encouraged to inform the DCC administrator.

All registered danish CERN users can be contacted via a generic mail-list: TO-APPEAR.

UO/ACCU information and messages

Below you will find a selected list of messages from Users office or ACCU, considered relevant by the ACCU representative. Please inform the ACCU representative if you have additional information of relevance to danish CERN users.

Date Subject
Fri 02-08-2008 Dear CERN user,

The Route de Meyrin will be closed to through traffic for a period of two years, starting on Monday 11 February 2008.

For details of the traffic deviations, see:


Mon 12-31-2007 Dear CERN User,

Please note the public transport offer starting from 1 January 2008 for people arriving by air in Geneva International Airport:


Please also note, if you are not already aware, that public transport to CERN changed on December 9th, the number 9 bus no longer goes to CERN.

Details on how to reach CERN by public transport can be found at:


Happy New Year