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Interactive computer algebra system

Maple has the ability to algebraically manipulate unbounded integers, exact rational numbers, real numbers with arbitrary precision, symbolic formulae, polynomials, sets, lists, equations, arrays, vectors, and matrices. It can solve systems of equations and differentiate and integrate expressions. It is often a good alternative to Mathematica.

Start the command line Maple version by maple and the X-Windows based version with xmaple



Versions available on NBI machines:

  • 16



Maple is a licensed program which we pay for. There are only a certain number of license slots available. Therefore, exit the program as soon as you are finished in order not to block usage for your colleagues.


We share this Maple installation with the Institute of Mathematics. The deal with the vendor is very favourable, and there is also a possibility to install Maple on stand-alone machines running Windows, Mac or Linux. If you are connected to a NBI network you can install as follows:

Standard installation is to click Start, right click My Computer and choose Map Network Drives. Here you use the share \\\Maple and userid maplecd and password mapleuser. Then run the appropriate installer. The activation code is displayed as the name of an empty file.
Use NFS to mount, i.e.
mount -vrt nfs <mount-point>
The relevant installer name Maple16Linux... is in subdirectory 16. The activation code is displayed as the name of an empty file.
You can either download the installer, see below, or find it on the same share as for Windows, see above.
Outside NBI
If you are outside NBI you can download installation images at NBI's download site. Contact to get the license code.

You can normally also find software with site-license for University of Copenhagen if you login to the Copenhagen University Software repository.